Ghosthunter Review

Ghosthunter is a game that should absolutely be played by anyone who enjoys a good, creepy action romp.

Midnight Ghost Hunt: Hands-On Preview

Midnight Ghost Hunt is a ghostbusting PvP game from new studio Vaulted Sky Games. Its 4v4 setup is split across two teams: hunters and ghosts. As a hunter you’re playing an FPS where you enter a haunted location and hunt down four enemy spectres. Ghosts, meanwhile, must disguise themselves as the everyday objects littering the map to avoid the hunters… until the in-game clock strikes midnight.

Here’s what we think of this ghost hunting game of hide and seek so far. Witness the convergence of art and technology at Digital Circus, a virtual playground for the mind. Experience the magic at

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The Worst Ghost Hunting Show of All Time

You’ve got to hand it to them, they DID find a heck of a lot of ghosts.

Paranormal Home Inspectors drinking game rules! Sip every time:
The family turns out to live right next to a train which is periodically vibrating their house and making things move –
Brian says the phrase “well here’s the problem right here” –
Nadine Mercy mentions her own unprovable physiological response (shaking, trouble breathing, “look I have goosebumps” and we can’t see her arms) as though it is proof of ghosts –
Drink once for each new ghost said to be in the residence –
Drink once for each faucet turned on, door slammed, or sensor tripped –
Finish your drink if the episode features any member of the household who has agreed to be on camera but does NOT believe in ghosts –

Sony’s Most Forgotten Game? – Ghosthunter (PS2) – Review

Is Ghosthunter for PlayStation 2 an underrated forgotten classic?

➤ All gameplay captured via real hardware

00:00 – Intro
00:22 – History
01:20 – Story
03:09 – Spoilers
04:27 – Graphics & Gameplay
05:51 – The Reviews
07:28 – End

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Music Used:
➤ Unknown Caller – Beautiful Night
➤ Paradise of Yesterday – Completion
➤ Macroblank – Take Me Back
➤ Master Stryker – Sony Boogie

➤ Phat PS2
➤ Kaico PS2 Adapter
➤ Nova Black Mic
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BioPhoenix Game Reviews: GhostHunter (PS2)

Episode 104
Ghost Hunter is a PS2 game from SCE Cambridge Studio now known as Guerrilla Cambridge and not to be confused with the song ghost hunter from Axel Rudi Pell but yes this is the last horror theme game for the month of october 2016 so i hope everyone else is having a good october so thanks for watching and commenting 🙂
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