New Death Note One-Shot Stars Donald Trump

Donald Trump shows up in the wildly-popular manga series in a bizarre way.

DEATH NOTE: One Shot (the Trump one) | Manga Mosaic (mini-podcast ft. HovinwithanH)

A one-shot mini-podcast on the new Death Note one-shot! We talk the Death Note spirit, Ohba’s worldviews and the portrayal of Trump in the chapter. HovinwithanH joins me as co-host! You can support the show on


Obata, T., & Ohba, T. (2020, February 2). Retrieved from



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Death note sequel Featuring Trump

Death note sequel(Featuring Trump),
Its been ten years since death note ended and today we a one shot featuring President Donald J trump Yes I am serious

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Memes de Death Note (One-Shot 2020)

Una recopilación de memes del one shot de Death Note 2020, sobre Donald Trump, el nuevo Kira, y más

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TRUMP GOT THE DEATH NOTE?! – New Official Death Note One Shot 2020

What a joy it is to see a new Death Note addition after about 14 years. We’re not gonna talk about the Netflix adaptation.

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